Taylor's Grand Theater Models

We've been wishing Taylor would offer an all-solid wood smaller guitar for years and when they finally released the Grand Theater size, it was even better than we hoped it would be. The new body style borrows the basic body curves of the Grand Orchestra (their largest body style), but they scaled it down for comfort. At 24.125” the scale length is more than half an inch shorter than the scale on a Taylor Grand Concert, yet it doesn't sound like a low tension guitar at all. You will find, though, your left hand is suddenly able to handle chord positions and fingerings that were a challenge on a longer scale acoustic guitar neck. Also, the 1-23/32” nut width strikes a balance between easier fretting and adequate string spacing for fingerstyle players. 

The body on a Grand Theater is shorter than other Taylor models, but the lower bout is almost the same width as their Grand Concert. The shortened upper bout puts the bridge in the optimum position in the lower bout, while retaining 14 frets clear. The Grand Theater features C-Class bracing, a new bracing pattern that uses an asymmetrical, cantilevered design that balances stiffness and flexibility. To our ears, this new model holds up well in any comparison to an 812 model Taylor, but is both easier to play and more comfy to hold. The Grand Theater is available in a variety of styles including the spruce and rosewood 811e, the all-koa K21e, a limited edition 611e and number of others. Stop on by and see if this new size is right for you.