Eastman Mandolins: An Affordable Alternative

We mandolin pickers all love the idea of owning a vintage mandolin, but one has to admit, the price tag can be difficult to accept. Happily, in recent years many overseas manufacturers has become quite good and their instruments have turned heads and garnered rave reviews by players and retailers alike.

Enter Eastman. In 1992, accomplished Chinese musician Qian Ni and a small group of violin makers traveled out of China to look at U.S. and European made violins and apply their design and construction techniques to their own instruments.  He started Eastman Strings with the goal to handcraft fine violins and offer them at a reasonable price to the consumer. Gryphon was an early adopter of Eastman products and has been generally impressed with the quality of instruments produced in the Eastman workshops.

Gryphon is proud to carry a wide selection of A and F style Eastman mandolins with F and Oval holes. You can expect excellent playability, comfortable fit-and-finish and a noteworthy tone to boot!