Taylor Academy Series: Great Tone, Great Price

The Taylor Academy Series of guitars offer excellent sound and playability at a modest price.

Martin Road Series Guitars

Martin's Road Series uses modern building techniques to create great sounding affordable guitars.

Taylor Guitars 50th Anniversary

We're very excited to help Taylor celebrate their 50 years of crafting guitars. 

The Martin 15 Series

Martins 15 Series of mahogany guitars are the plainest instruments they make, but they pack a sonic wallop.

Eastman Mandolins: An Affordable Alternative

We are very excited to announce the arrival of a new batch of Eastman mandolin family instruments. Eastmans all have carved spruce tops and carved ...

Custom Taylor Guitars Made from Gryphon's Aged Maple

In the early 1970s, a lot of Gryphon's business was crafting five-string banjo necks. Gibson wasn't offering a wide variety of vintage-style five-s...

New Nash Guitars and Basses In Stock!

We’ve stocked Nash Guitars for over 15 years and we are always excited to open one of their shipments. 

Huss and Dalton Guitar Company

The story of the Huss and Dalton Guitar Company began when Jeff Huss moved from North Dakota to Virginia in 1984 in search of good bluegrass music....

Restoring Judy Collins' Guild 12-String

“If I buy this guitar, can you restore it for me?” Now, there’s a question that ordinarily strikes fear and panic into this old heart of mine as I ...

Why We Buy Multiple Guitars

Richard Johnston-(Published in Premier Guitar Magazine, April 2018)This article was inspired by a conversation with a long time friend of the shop,...

Taylor’s New “V-Class” Top Bracing

We are very excited to announce the arrival of Taylor’s new V-Class series of guitars here at Gryphon. Named for the distinctive shape of the new b...

New World Guitars

Kenny Hill has been building classical guitars since 1972. His New World Guitars brand was established in the early 2000s to bring easy-to-play, at...