Frank's Corner: Bridge Pins for 19th Century Guitars

With all the currently available choices in bridge pin material and style, why would I go to the trouble of actually making them myself?

Well, I suppose it’s because I had just a bit of spare time and the equipment to do the job, and as it happened, we were just finishing restoration of some old Martin guitars from around the turn of the last century. So, I thought now would be a good time to make some sets of “era-appropriate” replacement pins.

Bridge pins for those old instruments were not quite like any of today’s offerings, often with larger, more flattened tops. Modern pins just don’t have “that look.”


Bridge Pins Closeup


The guitar in the photos above is a Martin style “40” from the late 1800s, with its original ivory bridge. No doubt about it, this is an instrument that deserves period-correct fittings.

– Frank Ford

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