Martin Road Series Guitars

Martin Road Series Guitars

The Martin Road Series combines modern building techniques and Martin's classic designs to create great sounding guitars that are surprisingly affordable. All of the Road Series guitars feature Martin’s high-performance neck taper for easy playability; a hand-rubbed neck finish; and an FSC® Certified Richlite® fingerboard and bridge. Each model is also fitted with Fishman MX-T electronics with a built-in soundhole tuner that auto mutes the audio output so you can tune up any time without using a pedal. All Martin Road Series guitars go through a Plek setup before leaving the factory, a process that makes them just about the easiest guitars to play out there.

The Style 10 is the least expensive of the Martin Road Series. These models have an all-body satin finish and simple ornamentation. They are built with sapele back and sides and either a spruce or a sapele top.

The Style 11 has the same clean cosmetic look as the Style 10 with the addition of a gloss top. The back and sides are sapele and the tops are Sitka spruce.

The Style 12 upgrades the cosmetics of the Style 11 to include a full-body gloss finish and solid Sitka spruce tops. There are two tonewood options for the body, solid sapele or koa fine veneer, which is an environmentally conscious, alternative-wood option, made by bonding koa hardwood to an African mahogany core.

The Style 13 is the flagship of the Martin Road Series and features a full-body gloss finish and fancier ornamentation. As with almost all of the line, the tops are made from solid Sitka spruce. The back and sides are made of ziricote fine veneer, which is an environmentally conscious, alternative-wood option, made by bonding ziricote hardwood to an African mahogany core.


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