Group Classes

Gryphon often hosts group classes featuring our excellent teaching staff. Contact the instructor directly for more information or to sign up for the class of your choice.

Classes from Carol McComb

Carol McComb

5 – Starting to Play  (level 1)  (choice of two times)
6 – Folk Standards  (level 1-2)
7 – Starting to Play  (level 1)  (choice of two times)

5 – Bluegrass and Carter Style #7 (songs level 2-3, leads level 3-4)
6 – Songwriter’s Circle (no guitar level) New class!
7 – Americana & Its Roots #4 (multi-level class – levels 2-3 and 3-4) New class!

5 – Easy Acoustic Rock #1 (level 2-3) (intro to flatpicking)
6 – More Singing with Style  (no guitar level) New class!
7 – Bluegrass Harmony Singing  (no guitar level) New class!

5 – Folk Favorites #2 (level 2)
6 – Already Picking Some (level 2-3)
7 – Light Rock and Pop #2 (level 2+) (intro to flatpicking)


Jack Tuttle’s Bluegrass Classes

Starts Jan 10th and 11th. Eight week classes.
Questions? email Jack at or call (650) 248-4951
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Beginning Bluegrass Banjo  (Level 1 to 2)
Tue, 6 to 7:00pm, $180 (includes Jack’s banjo book)
Learn the fundamentals of bluegrass banjo including lead and backup. Using Jack’s own instruction book, we will cover basic Scruggs style playing as well as the necessary rolls and techniques used by all bluegrass players. Emphasis on fundamentals of the right and left hand, as well as learning some bluegrass standards. Starts Tue, Jan 10th

Click here for enrollment

Need a banjo for the class? Gryphon will provide a free take-home rental banjo for the duration of the class.

Bluegrass Jam Class: Two Classes (Level 2 to 3)
Tues or Wed, 7 to 8pm. $170, Eight weeks
This class is for those who want to play with others. We’ll put together some standard bluegrass songs and work on playing and singing them as a group in the bluegrass style. Tablature and mp3s will be provided for those who need help with soloing. For guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, dobro and bass. Prerequisite: Must be able to play chords in time. Starts Jan10th and 11th

Beginning Bluegrass Jamming for Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Fiddle, etc.
Wednesdays, 8 to 9pm. Eight weeks, $170
For those who want to get started playing with others in a friendly, low pressure environment. We’ll play bluegrass music in a relaxed and easy setting. We’ll build up a repertoire of bluegrass songs and play them in a group at a slower tempo. Handouts with easy solos, chords and lyrics will be provided. Singing encouraged, but not required. If you’ve taken Jack’s Beginning Classes and mostly kept up, this class would be the ideal follow up. Prerequisite: Ability to play most standard chords in time. Starts Wed, Jan 11th



Ed Johnson’s Six Week Winter Guitar Class Series begins January 23 and runs through March 6. Cost: $120

Ed Johnson
Rhythmic Grooves For Acoustic Guitarists (for intermediate players): Put some heat in your playing this winter and get your groove on, with a detailed study of classic blues, rock, and reggae standards! We’ll cover fundamental right hand technique (including playing with a pick and basic finger style), and left hand techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and the most efficient ways to play bar chords. We’ll make ample use of basic first position chords. Prerequisite: Students should have a command of the basic first position major, minor, and dominant 7th chords (you’ll learn some new chord forms in the first position as well!). Questions? Call Ed at (650) 996-2155.
Monday 7-8pm


Greg Vaughan: Rock Your Uke!
Rock Your Uke in the New Year!
8-week group class
Thursday January 26, 2017 7:00 pm (one hour classes)
Cost: $170

The goal of this beginning/intermediate class will be to continue working on ukulele basics and playing popular songs in a group setting.

You do NOT need to have taken our other classes to take this one. Artists such as the Beatles, Train, and more! Starting January 26, 2017 Thursdays 7-8 pm $170 for eight weeks (one hour classes). Questions? Contact Greg
Need a ukulele for the class? Gryphon will provide a free take-home rental ukulele for the duration of the class.

Questions? Contact Greg at: or call 650.858.0667