Roz Lorenzato


Roz Lorenzato has been teaching guitar, mandolin, banjo and upright bass full-time at Gryphon since 2006.

Roz’s students span the ages of 5 to 82 and she specializes in teaching kids, 5 and up. She emphasizes learning in a fun, structured and supportive setting. Students learn proper technique, reading skills, chords and playing by ear. Many of Roz’s students go on to play in ensemble classes, jams and local performances

Roz teaches a variety of acoustic styles but her main emphasis is bluegrass. Bluegrass is a great style for beginning musicians. The songs and fiddle tunes provide simple chord structure and timing. This allow players to cement the fundamentals of major, minor & seventh chords, chord progressions, rhythm, and hand dexterity while sounding great at all levels of playing!

Guitar students will learn tablature reading, chords and rhythm playing, note reading, and playing by ear. As the students develop timing and technical agility, lessons will progress to lead playing. More chords are learned, bringing the essential of rhythm playing to the student. By developing the ability to play by ear the student will learn improvising skills. Trading off leads and rhythm with Roz students will learn the skills of playing with other musicians.

Banjo students will learn the essentials of three-finger, Scruggs-style picking. Students will develop right-hand rolls, left-hand fingering, chords, vamping, and back-up through a progression of bluegrass favorites. As the essentials sink in, we move on to playing by ear and playing with other musicians.

Mandolin students will learn correct fingering, pick technique, and timing through lead playing. Adding chords and movable chord forms develops rhythm back-up skills. After getting comfortable with the mandolin neck, students will move to playing by ear and improvising melodies.

Bass students begin with the basic I-V back-up. They will learn timing, hand position, fingering, damping, and movable patterns. Getting comfortable with note positions on the neck they add walking notes, runs, optional notes over chords, and bass endings. Bass players also learn guitar chord shapes allowing them to play more easily with other musicians. Many bass students have gone on to play bass for jams and bands.

Lessons are a half-hour long, once a week, and cost $50 per lesson.
For scheduling, contact Roz at (650) 307-4563 or at