C. F. Martin

The choice of musicians worldwide. Since 1833.

Gryphon first started carrying new Martin guitars in 1974, which seems like a long time ago until you remember that Martin has been building guitars since 1833. Although Gryphon could represent Martin with only a half-dozen models in the 1970s, the company has dramatically expanded their line of guitars in recent years while still delivering the iconic Martin sound in every body shape and in all price ranges. As a result there is now a Martin that fits almost every guitar player regardless of their budget.

Defining the Steel-String Guitar since the 1930s...

C. F. Martin essentially defined the American steel-string guitar in the 1930s & early '40s, and Authentic Series models, based on originals in Martin's Museum, are faithfully reproduced in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. But those who love the Martin sound will find Standard Series models that capture both the look and the sound of those classics, but without time-machine historic details. Road Series are Martins made with modern manufacturing methods and materials, resulting in real Martin guitars at very affordable prices.

...and continuing to evolve.

Both guitar music and guitar-making are constanting evolving so along with it's classic Dreadnoughts and OMs Martin also offers a wide range of more contemporary models as well. With slim neck profiles, cutaway body shapes and new pickup systems, Martin now offers players an expanded range of guitar tone whether they play acoustically or amplified. The wide range of body sizes and shapes, plus different combinations of tone woods, results in many variations in tone and response.